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How Apptivo stands out from the pack!


Discounted Price

Apptivo offers special discounts for non-profit organizations to help them fight for their cause without breaking the bank. Get in touch with our sales team and we'll set you up right away.


In-depth donor profiling

Apptivo's offers your team deeper insights into donor and client preferences. Track every conversation and interaction. Identify donations and endowments that can influence your cause beforehand.


Mobile apps for on-the-go people

Our Android and iPhone mobile apps give you access to valuable donor information and accounts on the go. Apptivo's mobile All-In-One CRM app features lead creation and note transcription, helping you not miss a potential donor.


Targeted Campaigns

Targeting your email communications with newsletters and campaigns to different personas are critical for non-profits. The Apptivo's Campaigns app helps you reach out to new and existing donors in a simple, yet effective way.

Challenges & Solutions

special price

Special price

If you're an organization operating on a super-tight budget or volunteers Apptivo is the best place to get started.

all apps

All-in-one app

Comprehensive integrated business apps in one bundle with numerous benefits. Manage your donors, accounts, expenses, marketing, etc., in one screen.


Keep them informed

Keep your volunteers informed about the recent activities with built-in email integration and campaign features.


Special pricing for Nonprofits

It’s not new for a non-profit to think about implementing a CRM. Some of the well-known CRMs in the market might not make the shortlist when their pricing shows that it would be out of the budget you already planned while other solutions that are within your budget would not have all the functionalities you're looking for.

This is where Apptivo comes out on top. Our base pricing starts at $8/user/month and you can customize fields on your own when updates need to be made. If you are an organization operating on a super-tight budget or have many volunteers, Apptivo is the best place to get started.


All-in-one app

One other dilemma that non-profits go through is the need to buy different software tools for different needs - one for CRM, one for accounting, one for expense management and the list goes on. This is not the case with Apptivo.

With Apptivo, you get comprehensively integrated business apps in one bundle with numerous benefits. You can manage your donors, accounts, expenses, marketing, etc. all at $8/user/month.


Keep them informed

Keeping your volunteers informed about recent activities plays a crucial role for non-profits. Sending emails by copying their email addresses from spreadsheets and manually sending an email one-by-one is exhausting, time-consuming and there is always room for human error. With Apptivo CRM in place, the marketing and campaign features are built-in. Since you have all the volunteer information saved in Apptivo, all you have to do is include them in a target list, and send out the email blast with a single click.

What Apptivo CRM brings to the table?

easy data

Easy data

Easy data structuring with one centralized hub to manage all your customers from different branches.


Increase customer

Increase customer loyalty and experience using customer information through customized reports.



One integrated platform to manage all your employees, customers, and other needs, if the need arises.

There are numerous benefits to introducing Apptivo in the Non-Profit & NGO industry. Along with improving customer satisfaction, employers can avoid the situation of being short staffed or overworking employees, and make better informed business decisions.

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Start a Trial / Book Demo

Apptivo provides a FREE 30 Day trial to all its customer to play around with the product and get to know if it suits their business. Apptivo also offers a 1 to 1 demo session to explain how you can use Apptivo for your business.