About PieSync

PieSync offers two-way and real-time contact sync between two different cloud apps. Using Piesync you can sync your Apptivo account with many apps such as MailChimp, Intercome and many more.This means you will have access to the most up to date customer information, no matter where you are or who entered the data.

piesync integration



Want to integrate Apptivo and your favourite web app? Well, we’ve got it covered. Use our integration with PieSync and connect to hundreds of apps in a swift.


  • Anyone can do it: Integrating apps using PieSync doesn’t require any programming language. It’s as easy as you tying your laces.
  • Reduces data entry: PieSync constantly monitors the records in both web apps, and when it detects changes, it updates the data in the other app too and takes the burden off your shoulder.
  • Scale for Growth: As your business grows PieSync’s app directory will continue to grow giving you access to hundreds of apps whenever your business needs.

With Apptivo API, you can:

  • Sync data two-way between the apps
  • Sync contacts between Apptivo and Office 365, Shopify, RingCentral, and HubSpot
  • Sync leads between Apptivo and Office 365, Shopify, RingCentral, and HubSpot

Features of PieSync

  • No more import/export of your contacts/leads
  • Share contacts/leads with your team
  • Have all contacts available on your smartphone
  • Save time spent on data entry
  • Avoid manual errors

Some Examples of What PieSync Can Do

There are a number of apps that PieSync can integrate with, but we’ve identified a few specific scenarios that we think will be quite popular with Apptivo customers:


FAQ & User Guide

Link: PieSync Apptivo help guide

Where to Get More Help

If you are just getting started we’d love to help. We’re in the process of publishing a new help section on the Apptivo website, but feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

If you’d like more information on the PieSync integrations and troubleshooting, please see the PieSync Apptivo support center here.