We have looked at countless products and yours is very high on the list for usability

Amy Keys
Florida Automobile Dealers Association

Thank you very much. I used it for the first time and it worked great. I am pretty simple when it comes to business,very new at all of this. It was the first invoice I have sent. I am so glad I found the app! Thanks.

Gaylin Bresee
Tangerine Cleaning

The cool thing about this is I can email the invoice over internet and customers love this.

Great Man1

Apptivo is nothing short of amazing.

Jason DiLeo
GreatSouthwest LLC

Well, we are a young company, and do believe in cloud services. Therefore we looked through Google and among others we thought Apptivo is the best option for its simplicity, and for the online support

Carlos Hern
Ve do consultancy for SME's

I think u people have one of the nicest online software i have ever used…


Apptivo is an amazing solution for business owners! I’m telling all my business clients about it.

Kristi Lee
TruNorth Global

Simply AWESOME! what more can these guys pack into their CRM!

Reg Deshield

The best part is that the whole team is involved and willing to help to improve the application and take it to the next level.

Peter Montanez
Insurance Consultant

The contact sharing tool is what sold me initially. I don’t want to enter contact details in multiple places and Apptivo makes that possible by syncing contact details with our Google accounts.

Devan Robertson
Jacada Photography

The Loyalty Management App is a dynamic rewards tracking system that has allowed us to connect more closely with our customers.

Jim Wendt

I can send and modify invoices immediately after a call with a client. I won’t need to worry about getting paid!


This customer service is absolutely the best there is…hands down.

Tim Ryan
Ryan’s Precision

You’ve designed it to grow with a business all the way from Start Up to Enterprise.

Simon Humphrey
Dynacel Technologies

Nice and simple to use Invoice App for small business owner like me. Easy to set up and gives a great look to my small business.


I would just like to say how pleased I am keep up the good work.

Kevin Marsh
Compay UK

I love it. It’s exactly what I was looking for. User-friendly, easy to set up, professional and has all the functions I need. I’m very happy.

Pro Guitar Gear
Pro Guitar Gear

We are a small web development company, and Apptivo has been a godsend for us, especially the project management, CRM, and invoicing apps. We use Apptivo every day for almost every aspect of our business. Thank you for a great product and your continued efforts to constantly improve Apptivo!

Deluxe Interactive Services, LLC
Deluxe Interactive Services, LLC

Apptivo is a super app for small and midsize businesses. I have been in the software development world for over 30 years and created applications that run businesses across the US and have hundreds of millions of records. I have seen a lot of applications in my life time and I can attest with full confidence that Apptivo is one of the best designed and executed integration of applications yet. We have looked at almost every CRM / Project Management Platform out there and not only is this the best, most integrated and easiest to use and expand, but also beats the other ones by leaps and bound on price. You can’t get more for this kind of money. Even better, the support and willingness to accept change requests and add ons is stellar. Well done Apptivo and congratulations on a great app!

Your product is really nice! I've already used it to send an invoice. It works very well.

Adrien Daniel
Adrien Daniel

First impression is that of a newly formed and on solid clear logical design platform with good prospects on its development roadmap and in very good and fair pricing. keep up the good work.

Καραντζής Κωνσταντίνος

Apptivo is truly a great product. I originally downloaded Apptivo just for the time sheets because my graphic designer is in California and what we were doing before to track time was very primitive. Then once i installed it i saw all the functionality of it and decided it would be a great tool to manage projects to get jobs done more efficiently.

Scott Pace
PMC Web Designs

Apptivo is by far the best one we have found and meets all our needs! We are extremely happy with how it works and also with the technical support.

Innea Concepts SL
Innea Concepts SL

…you demonstrated [that] your are capable of providing us with the right tools that business needs.

Alin Barcan

Apptivo has been a last minute trial for me after literally months of searching for a good ERP solution. The support and ease of use along with low cost for my small start-up mean they are ahead of the opposition and will more than likely get my business.

Aaron Dutton

Your customer service is AWESOME! I got a response so fast! Tell Maggie thanks for all the help.

Design Your You
Design Your You

The design team are really responsive and helpful. They fixed a contact sorting issue very quickly. Well done

Newfangled Ideas
Newfangled Ideas

Love the online support that is there at all times, have your questions answered to you right away…Thank you again for such a great software and making my life so much less complicated.

Richard Singh

As a Software Engineer, I have found that your product is in very good condition, logical, and organized with everything that you need but not so much that you can get lost in the application.

Cathy Bailey

I have had my Apptivo account for a few months now and have had a great experience. It is easy to work with and all of my info is in one place with no re-entry needed. Also has flexible options that helps with ease of use. Customer service and tech support has also be a joy to deal with. I have never had to wait for help. All-in-all Apptivo is outstanding.

Tommy Norman

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