Developer API

What is it?

The Apptivo Developer API is an HTTP-based programming interface that allows developers to interact with the Apptivo platform to extend and enhance its functionality. The API allows for any application to both read and write in your Apptivo firm. It is RESTful and uses JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) as the exchange format. SSL is mandatory and used for all communication.

What can it do?

Who is it for?

This guide is designed for developers with basic knowledge of web services & XML, in addition to a programming language of your choice.

HTTP methods

GET and POST methods are for request-response action, these two methods are mainly used for object retrieval, creation and actions performed.

Used for object retrieval only
Used for object creation and object actions


The JSON standard is followed with the API. This means that the API can only receive JSON lists or objects. JSON values must be of the correct type. IDs and numbers in general must be integers, not strings. The output also displayed in JSON format.

Sample Format

– Here is the format of requesting URL for creating a contact in Apptivo Contacts App:{CONTACT_DATA}&;apiKey=API_KEY&accesKey=ACCESS_KEY

The slash followed by method with case data collection, API key and Access key. The output of the above JSON request URL receives output with the same JSON format.