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In the May 12, 2017 release, Apptivo delivered a worthwhile update to all customers. The following list summarizes the new features included in this release:

  • App Categories Task List
  • Projects – Template Visibility
  • Employees Password Generation
  • Ideas Recurring Highlighting



  • App Categories Task List We have added the “App Category” in the left navigation panel of the “Tasks” tab in the homepage. This option will display a list of all apps that you have access and that are added from the app store. If you have tasks associated with any of the apps, then, by just clicking on the particular app you can get a clear view of all the created tasks in the tasks page.
    The “Completed Tasks”, which are “Marked as complete”, are not shown under the “Calendar” and “Table view”. It will be shown only under the “List view”.

Project Updates

Project Management

  • Template Visibility We have added the “Template Visibility” section in the Projects App. It is available on the created project templates. By clicking on any one of templates, you can change the visibility as “Enabled” or “Disabled” mode. Also this feature allows you to choose the people for whom you would like the template to be made visible, by adding required employees through the “Visible To” option.

Human Resources Updates


  • Employees Password GenerationIn the Employees App, we have included the “Reset Password” button. Using this, you can reset the password of your employees with Login Access. This password generation can be done by both manually and automatically.

Product Updates


  • Ideas Recurring Highlighting – We have made new changes in the “Ideas Highlighting” feature. Once in every 6 hours, the existing idea records are checked. If the given condition is satisfied for the exciting records, then automatically the ideas will get highlighted as per the selected color.