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Loyalty Management

Apptivo Loyalty Management, a part of Marketing technique is intended to encourage customers to keep on shopping at or utilize the administration of business related with each program. It allows you to create Campaigns and is integrated with Customers and Distributors App.

Application Features

Not only to your customers, award bonuses to Distributors for participating in Loyalty programs by setting up a bonus criteria and reward type.

distributor loyalty bonuses

Generate an automatically incremented numeric counter which helps you to easily identify and search each record in the App.

Member distributor number

Customize and give a new refresh to your Loyalty App over existing layout. Upload a logo for your loyalty program and set up your own views.


loyalty events

Beget Loyalty Program

Begin your loyalty management by creating a program with needed points. Add your events required for program and empower coupon to provide to customers.

Integrated Applications

Loyalty Management App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

Loyalty Management     Customers

With the Customers App and Loyalty Management application, you can create customer rewards program, making your customers happier. Learn More about Customers App

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