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How Apptivo Stands Out From The Pack

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Access clients data on the go

Real Estate industry requires you to spend a lot of time on the road driving clients to home showings to attending open houses. Apptivo's mobile CRM app automatically syncs client data to give you all the information you need anytime and anywhere.


Stay ahead of transactions

Set events and tasks with Apptivo's project management features to effectively manage transactions. From listing appointment requests to a home inspection and closing, set up reminders and automated emails to deliver extraordinary client service and support every step of the way.

target campaign

Targeted Campaigns

Targeting your email communications, newsletters and campaigns to different personas are critical for real estate. The Apptivo's Campaigns app helps you to inform clients about the new properties on the market and keep them engaged in a simpler yet effective way.



Often, clients are on a tight schedule when searching for a property. In most cases, they choose agents who give a quick response to their concerns and questions. With Apptivo CRM, you can set up a personalized response that addresses concerns, or automatically send an acknowledgment reply.

Challenges & Solutions

customer relationship

Better communication and customer relationship

Manage and communicate with your customers in one app using email integration.



Manage your inventory more conveniently and efficiently.

past customer

Stay in touch with past clients

Stay in touch with your past clients using Customers app and automated email campaigns


Better communication and customer relationship

With CRM system in place, the developers can share important information with clients almost immediately. Critical information such as project timeline and updates, payment schedules, and delays directly from the app.

This will ensure two-way communication between the customer and developer. In Apptivo, interacting with a customer is so simple that you can do it directly from the Customers app. You can manage and communicate with your customers in one app using email integration.


Inventory Management

Of all the challenges that Real Estate industry puts up with, there is nothing more hectic and exhausting than managing inventory. The Apptivo Items app is designed to help businesses in managing their inventory more conveniently and efficiently.

The Apptivo inventory system is set up for five different applications that work together. This allows you to store all product information and process the orders and automatically deduct/add a product from/to your inventory.


Stay in touch with past clients

As it is said, retention is always cheaper than acquiring a new customer. So, when you get so focused on today’s business, you neglect what made you successful in the first place: your relationships with past clients.

Each time you close a transaction with a new client or get a new lead, simply assign them to a follow-up plan that includes personal contact and automated marketing to ensure you stay top of mind.

What Apptivo CRM brings to the table?

easy data

Easy data

Easy data structuring with one centralized hub to manage all your customers from different branches.


Increase customer

Increase customer loyalty and experience using customer information analysis.



One integrated platform to manage all your employees, customers, and other needs, if the need arises.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to introducing Apptivo in the Real Estate industry. Along with improving customer satisfaction, employers can avoid the situation of being short staffed or overworking employees, and make informed business decisions.

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