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How Apptivo Stands Out From The Pack


Work order pipeline

A utilities energy CRM by Apptivo gives companies an impeccable way to manage a complex web of sales, account and service components. Customize Apptivo's project management workflows to track every step of your customer’s journey from utility permitting, planning, service installation, and repair orders.

360 view

360° view over customers

Energy & utility companies depend on team collaborations in order to guarantee consistency across every customer touchpoint. Apptivo's cloud-based solution mounts communication bridges across various teams so everyone has a 360-degree view of the customer.


All-in-one Solution

Utilities energy industry includes a broad category of fields such as work order, projects, customers, finances, inventory etc. With Apptivo's integrated suite of business apps, you can manage everything from one place.


Customer relationship management

A utilities energy CRM gives companies the opportunity to organize vast quantities of data central to customer contact management in one place, accessible by all departments. Apptivo connects with GSuite, Office 365, Dropbox and more so you can track everything from customers' first contact to contract renewals.

Challenges & Solutions

place customer

Managing customers from one place

Organize, access, and manage customer data in one central hub using Contacts and Customers app

increase customer

Increased customer retention

Keep your customers informed about new promotions and deals using Campaigns app

project management

Project management

Track every step of your projects from sanctioning, planning, services, and reorders using Project management


Managing customers from one place

Since Energy industries sell a combination of regulated and nonregulated products and services, it is almost close to the Retail industry that has to deal with a large number of customers on a daily basis. Organizing and reusing the data is almost next to impossible without any software or tool.

With that in mind, the Apptivo CRM gives companies the opportunity to organize vast customer data in a central hub and is accessible by all departments. You can store customers' personal and work info, emails, payments, orders, and feedback on one screen.


Increased customer retention

One of the obvious goals for any CRM system is to increase the customer retention rate by serving them in a more focused and convenient way in addition to acquiring new customers. With Apptivo CRM, the customer information can be accessed instantly, and it's easy to deliver the royal treatment every time they contact. This focused and effective experience will help in improving their experience.

With Campaigns app, you can define your target groups and run online promotional campaigns. Customer responses are recorded, leads are forwarded directly to the sales department, and sales figures are saved. The analysis feature lets you instantly see how effective a campaign was and where it needs to be improved.


Effective project management

The Apptivo CRM for Utility and Energy industry helps companies in managing the tangled sales network, account, and services. Apptivo's Project Management app will help you track every step of your projects from sanctioning, planning, services, and reorders.

What Apptivo CRM brings to the table?

easy data

Easy data

Easy data structuring with one centralized hub to manage all your customers from different branches.


Increase customer

Increase customer loyalty and experience using customer information analysis.



One integrated platform to manage all your employees, customers, and other needs, if the need arises.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to introducing Apptivo in the Utility and Energy industry. Along with improving customer satisfaction, employers can avoid the situation of being short staffed or overworking employees, and make informed business decisions.

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