Cloud CRM vs On-Premise CRM for SMBs

Posted on 9:18 am, December 13, 2018 by prithvi


All small businesses strive for one thing – growth. And while greater exposure, increased sales as well as a bigger employee and customer base are desired, it is worth being noted that all these come with certain responsibilities including the need for better organization skill, as well as improved customer engagements which provide a much…

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Why Having An All-In-One CRM Matters

Posted on 2:33 am, December 13, 2018 by prithvi


The business world has become increasingly competitive and at this rate, it is about the survival of the fittest. Owning a business that lacks proper and efficient communication channel connecting you to your customers would be detrimental to the growth of that business. What plagues the 21st-century business owner is the problem of how best…

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Why it is Important to Integrate Your CRM and Project Management Software

Posted on 1:06 am, December 13, 2018 by prithvi


Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), and Project Management Software are both very powerful pieces of software in their own right. While project management software can help managers and teams collaborate seamlessly on projects, allow for real-time communication as well as a host of other advantages, a CRM software will allow business owners to track and…

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8 Cost Effective Pointers to Growing Your SaaS Business

Posted on 8:51 pm, December 11, 2018 by prithvi


The world is changing! Technology is at the forefront of almost everything you can think of, and the good news is you have decided to cash in on this by choosing to run a Saas business. But, it transcends more than just a decision; here are eight cost-effective pointers to grow your SaaS business. Create…

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A Definitive Guide To Cloud-Based CRM Software

Posted on 12:38 am, December 11, 2018 by prithvi

Character illustration of people with technology icons

Cloud-based CRM software was initially designed to assist organizations in building and maintaining good relationships with existing and prospective clients. In the past decades, the process of managing and tracking customer relationships within the business was a time consuming and fragmented process. Despite the manual work involved, the business channels often led to missed opportunities….

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Increase Your Productivity with Contact Center Integration to Your CRM

Posted on 10:40 am, December 6, 2018 by prithvi


Those days are long gone when consumers and businesses used to rely on traditional methods and manually undertake tasks. Today, the latest technology and use of mobile phones have changed the way businesses and consumers interact with each other. Not long ago, business owners were subjected to hire dedicated employees to undertake the call administration…

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How E-signature is Enhancing the CRM Industry like Never Before!

Posted on 6:56 am, December 6, 2018 by prithvi


With the advent of cloud-based technology and the use of electronic devices, many industries throughout the world are trying to minimize the use of paperwork and undertake sensitive deals online. E-Signature is one of the most significant benefits technology has granted consumers and businesses to deal with sensitive data on the internet. Whether it is…

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The Future of CPQ Technology in the CRM Industry

Posted on 6:34 am, December 5, 2018 by prithvi

Concentrated business women reviewing accounting report

CPQ technology is an enterprise software application used by end-users (including B2B and B2C businesses) to bring together activities such as configuring, quoting, and pricing of their products. Configure price and quote (CPQ) software assists in addressing the modern B2B buyers and seller’s needs. The organizations are inclined to invest in Configure price and quote…

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