30 Inspirational sales motivation quotes

Posted on 3:30 am, August 17, 2022 by Sandra

Frame 49

Introduction Sales is an important part of business. Even the most successful and motivated salesman needs to be pushed and pumped at times to reach the desired target. In reality, sales people face a lot of tension and negativity in their day to day routine work. Each deal they close is coupled with unanswered calls…

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What are CRM excel templates? When do you need them and how can you use them?

Posted on 7:53 pm, August 11, 2022 by Sandra

Frame 42

Introduction In a world of abundant choices and unrestricted geographical/demographic reach, the limits of conventional businesses are broken; today, finding customers, reaching out to them and achieving conversion have no limitations. Businesses can sell to customers located anywhere in the world. The caveat is, businesses should give compelling reasons for the customers to buy from…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of August 09, 2022

Posted on 3:05 am, August 9, 2022 by Sravya

product_relase_web-Aug 2022

If you’re the one who is waiting for the enhancement in the Sales Receipts app, then this week’s upgrade is for you! Having the customizable views on the left panel view makes your work more productive in the way that you can keep track of your necessary records. Till now you could only manage the…

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What is customer facing? What are the skills and qualities essential for customer-facing employees?

Posted on 6:42 am, August 8, 2022 by Sandra

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INTRODUCTION Customer facing refers to the business service feature experienced by the customer. It is a component of customer relationship management that describes any technology or information that is directed to the customers. A customer facing solution is tailored to delivering user experience through all customer touch points. What is Customer facing? Customer facing denotes…

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Posted on 4:59 am, August 5, 2022 by Sandra

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INTRODUCTION Whether you are a product or service based company, you need to have a sales team in order to drive the growth of your business. Sales teams are purely responsible for interacting with the customers and actually help make sales by convincing the customers to make purchases. In order to increase the sales numbers…

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7 Benefits of Having Both CRM and EHR

Posted on 8:31 am, August 4, 2022 by Sandra

Frame 22 (1)

Introduction Advancements in technology have spurred the growth of different industries, and healthcare is one of the top industries to have benefitted from contemporary tech innovations. One such tech advancement for healthcare organizations is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) System. An EHR system helps the organization keep track of all the data about different patients…

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Posted on 8:00 am, August 2, 2022 by Sandra

Frame 19

Introduction Customer service is considered important for a business success. A superior customer service helps retain the customers and build customer lifetime value. The key to providing good quality customer service is by building stronger relationships. Customer service drives satisfaction among the customers which in turn will result in customer loyalty. What is customer service?…

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Posted on 7:44 am, August 2, 2022 by Sandra

Frame 17 (3)

Introduction A customer is an individual who purchases goods or services from the businesses. The customer is considered as the king of the business. All the decisions taken by the business are customer centric. Customers are the prime force that drives revenue into the business. Without the customers, businesses do not exist. What is a…

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