Key Business Benefits

  • The new user interface linked DCS Telecom’s business processes
  • New user interface also helped in handling customer requests quickly & effectively
  • Information on each customer’s profile, status and activities is always available

Integrating DCS Telecom business processes using Apptivo CRM and Finance apps

DCS TELECOM is a leading telecommunications service provider offering high-quality networks services in many countries throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


Customers who require services from DCS Telecom usually reached out to them via phone calls and this posed a challenge of assigning the required service to employees. Once a service is assigned to an employee, a work order had to be generated. Assigning the work and Generating work order had to be linked. They required an easier way of tracking the requests and link their existing business process.

Poor Operational efficiency due to disintegration of business processes

The business involves linking customer service requests with scheduling events using calendar, and consolidating the items used to fulfill the customer request and finally generating the invoice. But these processes were not synced and this affected their operational efficiency. They required a single seamless environment where all relevant information can be easily accessed, intuitively presented and actionable.

DCS Telecom did not integrate email system with a CRM which would have offered them the operational efficiency, which was missing in the system they were using.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which can seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo analyzed the requirements in detail and provided a solution that has CRM apps, Contacts, Customers, Cases, Work orders, Employee, and Financials to solve the challenges. The solution suggested by the Business Analysts from Apptivo enabled to manage their diverse processes and build customer-centric business platform.

Business Process Integration

The sales cycle starts when they receive a call from a potential buyer. Now, the call is recorded and stored in Apptivo Customers app. A workflow created in Apptivo integrates the calls stored in Customers app with an employee’s calendar to schedule appointments with the customer. The items sold by DCS are available in the Apptivo CRM app using which work orders can be generated. A work order shows the material to be used for customer’s request. The Financial apps were used to generate invoices for the work order and email them. All the backend processes have been linked to operate efficiently.

Outlook and Gmail have been integrated with the CRM to make sure that everybody has the updated information. A seamless integration of CRM with calendar allows syncing employees’ appointment in the calendar.

Different layouts and views designed by Apptivo eases team to manage data for different customers who buy telecommunication products. The contact data is viewable in different layouts. Now, they can view the contact information as a list by directory, by category. Similarly, a different page layout has been designed to view customer information. They can see data segregated by category and status. At any point of time they are able to view organized data.

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