Key Business Benefits

  • Facilitates the management of prospect and customer data in order to optimize sales, marketing activities, and customer service.
  • Coordinate customer service to increase customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of customer information as well internal process information
  • Strategize sales activities by linking marketing and sales activities

HS Brands International Case Study – Optimizing Communication and Collaboration using Apptivo CRM

HS Brands International is the Leading Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention & Compliance Measurement Solution operating worldwide.


Driven by rapidly changing business environment and increasing consumer demands, collaboration is essential to succeed. HS Brands’ solution are targeted towards people who communicate on a regular basis and the businesses whose marketing activity is around communication. They wanted collaboration between marketing, sales and customer related activities and track individual team’s performance as well.

Associating Marketing and Sales Activity

The information gathered from prospects were not linked with marketing and sales activity. Separation of marketing and sales often resulted in poor data sharing and conflicts. Management wanted to know the number of prospects that have been converted to opportunity. This will be possible only on associating prospects with customers and contacts.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which can seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo analyzed the requirements in detail and provided a solution that has CRM apps, Contacts, Customers, Leads, Opportunity, Employees and Financials to solve the challenges. The solution enabled them to manage their diverse processes and build a customer-centric business.


The solution from Apptivo integrated all the collaboration tools such as notes, calendars, email with marketing and sales activities. Now marketing, sales, and technical support department can share the information they collect while communicating with customers. Employees from HS Brands can schedule appointment with customers using the contact information stored in CRM. Workflow to link leads and opportunities has been implemented to provide accurate and real time data.

Apptivo has equipped the business with ability to track every potential sales opportunity, something which they were not able to do with Excel spreadsheets which significantly impacted the company. Managing and nurturing pipeline clients are now central to the business, with the team closely tracking prospect activity and making targeted approaches based on the information Apptivo CRM provides.

Data is structured, stored and accessed with Apptivo CRM apps. The navigation and layouts are easy to view custom data. Customers from different segment can be grouped with different layouts enabling to organize HS Brands employee work.

Reports on sales team, personal employee performance show their working efficiency. Management can also generate special reports that they need.

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