Key Business Benefits

  • Workflows ensure consistent follow up of leads and close deal, the sales team’s efforts are made simpler and more consistent
  • Streamlined contact and data management due to integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • It’s easier for teams to stay up to date by capturing valuable client information that’s easily accessible for the next interaction
  • Ability to track every potential sales opportunity and make business decisions based on the information
  • Monitor and manage employees performance with ease

Steinar Case Study – Organizing and revamping sales process with Apptivo CRM and Contacts app

NISIM Steinar International is an innovator in hair care technology. They are at the forefront of hair loss products since 1993.


The capabilities of CRM software used by Steinar was limited. They faced a lot of challenges as they offered a wide range of products. All their interaction with customers was through various channels like email, campaigns, etc. As the business grew managing sales became harder with their previous CRM software. The challenges faced by them were as detailed below:

Incapable of tracking sales

With their past CRM software, Steinar couldn’t keep track of sales emails, meetings, calls, and tasks. Everything was solitary and not interlinked. This resulted in making poor decisions and affected the sales and customer support.

Unable to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook

The Steinar team was extensively using Microsoft Outlook and their past CRM software wasn’t able to integrate with Outlook. This proved to be a problem because the Sales and Marketing team didn’t have the updated contact details all the time.

They wanted a CRM software which could automatically synchronize basic contact information such as address, phone number, and so on from their CRM to Microsoft Outlook.

Manage Employees

Employees are a key asset of the business hence they wanted to monitor and manage their performance, collaboration, and shifts. The CRM used by Steinar did not allow them to manage human resources.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo analyzed the requirement in detail and designed a solution that included apps in CRM such as Contacts, Sales stages, Employees apps to solve the challenges.

Sales Process

A high-level sales process was implemented between Leads & Opportunities app. Stages have been implemented in the sales process to help the management view opportunities available in various stages. Now, opportunities can skip through stages, or be moved backward as they see fit. By breaking down the sales process into concrete steps within Apptivo, it not only reinforces the process in the minds of the team and organization but allows the system to send reminder pop-ups for follow-up contact and other critical action steps. As a result, managers save time in completing and assigning tasks while clients receive more proactive consistent service.

Organizing data allows management to track and manage sales activities for both existing customers and new prospects.

Integration with Office 365

Contacts and Supplier details were available in real time with the new integration between Apptivo and Microsoft Outlook. Updated contact information in Microsoft Outlook is synchronized with Apptivo Contacts app. Marketing and Sales team are benefited as they have updated contact information in hand to communicate with prospects and customers. A huge amount of data stored in the backend has been made simple by Apptivo with its seamless data integration from Office 365 tools as a single list without any data loss.

Human Resources Management Process

Apptivo Employee app is now used to manage employees. A backend Human resources management processes such as work shift, number of employees, employee’s login history and assigned objects etc. has been designed. These processes ensure tracking of employee performance and their adherence to business goals.

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