Key Business Benefits

  • Quickly deliver accurate data for accounting without hiring additional staff
  • Approvals can easily be fast-tracked to streamline the payment process
  • Gives management a transparent picture of processes in real-time to foresee and correct any potential issues
  • Quicker invoice turnaround with less overhead costs, and greater efficiency in the overall process
  • Efficiently process payments and eliminates data entry and duplication

Zeltiq Case Study – Improving operational efficiency with Apptivo CRM and Finance apps

ZELTIQ is a medical technology company focused on developing its proprietary controlled-cooling technology platform.


Zeltiq has suppliers all over the world and suppliers send invoices for their marketing activities like TV ads, Radio ads and etc., Zeltiq team reviews them with the proof and pay them. Currently all these processes are manually handled and they needed an automated way of generating invoices and intimating the suppliers. They wanted to reorganize processes to capitalize on all customers servicing touch points.

Manual Invoices

Zeltiq employees were trapped in a cycle of tedious manual invoice processing that can feel like wading through tar—cumbersome, messy, sticky, slow, and even time-consuming manual data entry, undetected errors, lengthy approval processes, Management was not able to have a view of billed invoices and the payments made. These pitfalls in invoice processing can be easily avoided by automated way of generating invoices.

Also, the extra cost due to manual invoicing was high for Zeltiq. The more times an invoice is handled, the greater the chances of it being lost or misfiled, driving up hidden costs even more. Business wanted to reduce the processing costs.

Unable to view supplier invoice details

Supplier invoice details are very handy tool because they tell you how much business owes a particular supplier and the related supplier details. If there are suppliers that send invoices regularly and for which they issue multiple invoices, then viewing them from a single interface can be very helpful in making sure that all invoices get paid.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo analysed the requirement in detail and provided Invoices apps to solve the challenges.

Zeltiq management have customized the Invoice template according to their requirement.

Shifting the billing process from the back office silo into Apptivo Invoice app makes it possible for the Zeltiq team to collaborate in real time from invoices to payments.

Automated method of submitting Invoices

Zeltiq created a portal for their suppliers to submit invoices instead of manually submitting them. This increased efficiency and enabled a way for suppliers to submit their invoices remotely over internet. Now, Zeltiq team can view and validate the invoices. If required, they can send it back to the supplier for any changes. On receiving the invoice, a notification will be sent to the Zeltiq team automatically and they can process the payment. All the invoices are accounted automatically by the Apptivo Invoices app. Suppliers can now view the status of the invoice that they have submitted which they were not able to view with manual methods.

View Supplier Invoices

The Zeltiq team can view the supplier invoice and the related details, supported with relevant proof files. Now, Zeltiq management can view the complete billing history of a supplier. The status of the invoice such as paid, unpaid, past due can be tracked. Management will know the number of hours spent for the work, rate charged for the work, tax code, and the invoice total.

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