Performance Effective Dashboards

Performance chart is determined for whole team performance as well as individual performance. This chart is tightly integrated with the data found in Sales Planning App.There are two protractors format semi circle found in performance dashboard, first one is projection and second one is attainment. Opportunities are sorted according to the sales forecast(stage) and the closed won. Each stage may have potential value associated with it to demonstrate the probability of making the sale.

Opportunities are sorted according to the attainment and gap or cushion


Pipeline by Stage

  • A sales pipeline is driven by amount and close date of an opportunity. This chart delivers the fundamental information of the opportunity which evaluates the amount with probability percentage.
  • Opportunities App allows you to view the opportunities that are created by sales pipeline each month using "Sales Pipeline"


Sales Funnel

  • A sales funnel is a revenue funnel & divided into several layers, which differ depending on the particular sales stages.
  • This funnel reveals how many prospects user have in each stage of their sales cycle, and also provides the conversion rates for each stage.



Built-in Analytical Reports

Users can easily review their sales team performance to know their win/loss rates and also allows to view the percentage of the conversion process involved with every app in month & year format. These features enable to have a prediction on future sales and also a review on sales occurred in the past. visual analytics can be different forms of charts, gauges, tables etc

opportunities by lead source

Analyzing Why You are Winning/Losing Deals

  • Winning and losing deals are be analysed by their reasons in effective way which would be an advantage in handling further deals.
  • When a sales rep fails to close an opportunity or loses a deal, organisation or sales managers will invariably want to know why and to avoid those things in mere future. This is why having lost reasons set up in Opportunity, this also lead to know the competitors for your organization.

Analyzing the First Step that is Leads

  • At any time, you can measure activities of the lead status which is a part of the sales process.
  • Each app has it's own reports, lead analysis helps to figure the percentage between the converted leads, the source of the lead and from whom the lead gets into our organization leads app reports.



Flexible Custom Reports & Views

Custom reports are very useful to extract a set of records easily. You can share the reports with other employees in your Business. Most of our apps contain “Reports” in the dashboard. By default, Standard Reports are available in which allows you to download that report.

Standard Report

  • There are several built-in reports that allows to track behaviour of each and every app
  • Customize report allows you to provide security for viewing the reports based on organisation’s roles and privileges.

Custom Views

  • Custom View allows you to search with your preferred criteria and save for future reference,, instead of re-entering your search query.The fields/columns of the search result is also highly customizable.
  • At any time you can generate a custom report from any search that you run inside of apps.
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