Apptivo Sales force automation incorporate the entire sales process from qualified lead to closed deal. Our CRM is well-structured campaign so that prospects and customers can be automated for further closing deals concatenating the growth of customer relationships with minimal human intervention. Our sales automation system drives a solution to collaborate, integrate, share information as it enters conversion process and that makes profitable sales performance constantly wherein eliminating redundancy.


Procure Leads

  • Further negotiation with lead can be automated as Contacts, Customers and Opportunity that would enhance a lead to Potential.
  • Generating leads by webforms and importing from various external sources are directly made into Leads App
  • Single shot Convert process by which the lead information are transferred to the appropriate fields of Contacts, Customer & Opportunities.
  • Lead status will be changed to "Converted" as a lead prospects into sales opportunity.
  • Customization and Automation accelerate the speed of Leads Management

Customers Integration & Association

  • Related Contacts informations are associated within customer’s account
  • Explicit analysis made to existing customer across territory, business type, marketing, products, status.
  • Each and every customer focused by adding to target list, scheduling follow up in single click from single page.
  • Customers purchase order, invoice, estimates, projects and other Integrated apps are slotted and viewed through 360 degree.
  • Inculcating impressive loyalty programs to enhances abiding sales opportunity.

Activities Tracker

  • Maintaining every day's tasks, events, followups in automated calendar view
  • Record call logs of all customers for future references
  • Enhanced features like setting up remainder to tasks and re-scheduling follow ups hatch customer relationship closely
  • Monitoring every individual and daily activities against news feed, streamline entire sales process

Sales Forecasting & Revenue

  • Every data within CRM are consolidated into an estimated revenue
  • Configurable dashboards allows to have Classified layout for determining Win/Loss percentage, sales performance, Team's performance, pipeline by stage.
  • Allocating sales quota as organisational quota as well as individual quota which ensures the achieved targets and performance of salesperson.
  • Literal forecast across the potential amount & revenue which elevate sales planning in upcoming fiscal years
"We've looked at many CRM solutions, and none were as fast and easy."
- Todd Schager

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