Collaboration is setting which includes all the common features, this may allow you to give access for your employees to view the common activities found in app.


Opportunities can be converted into orders, estimates, projects, invoices depending upon the conversion settings. Conversion page can restrict the objects to which opportunities can be converted.

Customize App

Customize App provides fields that are unique to your business. Custom attributes allow you to add any custom fields not provided in the creation page

Email to Opportunities

You can customize this setting to collect emails to opportunities. Click on “Add” button to include IMAP email account. If a user sends an email to authenticated email address then he will be collected as an opportunity with his email address.

Markets & Segments

A market describes a group of potential opportunities, who share common traits. You can segment your opportunities based on their market. Click on “Create” button to create a new market. Segments allow you to classify your opportunities based on how you view your market. Click on “Create” button to create a new segment.

Message Templates

Message Templates allow you to set up predefined messages. These are customized email messages that you can send to your customers. Message templates can be used with any email sent from Opportunities App, they are also used for auto-reminders.

Quick Links

You can add your own reference links for this app. These links will display on the left panel under the “Quick Links” menu. Click on “Add” button to include quick links.


You can customize reports to be shown. Click on “Show” button to enable reports if not click “Hide” reports.

Sales Stages

Sales stage describes about the stage in which the opportunity actually belongs to. You can create sales stage by clicking on “create” button.


You can customize opportunities access level. You can provide access to everyone or specific employees.


Tags allow you to label your objects for easy organization, classification and search. You can create “App” or “Global” tag.


Territories define a geographical region in which your opportunities reside in. It may be categorized into city, state, country, region level etc. You can create your own sales territories by clicking on “create” button.


An Opportunity type differentiates opportunities on the basis of its business existence. It may be a new business, existing business or profiteering business etc. You can create opportunity type by clicking on “create” button.

View Column Sets

View Column Set – This feature allows you to customize your contact fields as a section as per your requirement. You can easily access your preferred section quickly to save your custom views.


Views found on left navigation panel, are filters that allows you to access opportunities within the app. You can enable/disable views in configuration, but you must at least enable one view.