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Apptivo Project Management Features

Interactive Gantt Chart

Forget stand-alone gantt chart software, Apptivo Projects App creates a beautiful interactive chart to quickly analyze a project schedule, find the trouble areas, and take action.

Task Dependencies & Scheduling

Task management is a breeze with Apptivo. Define the order your tasks must be completed, estimate how long they'll take, and watch as your project schedule is calculated automatically with this Time Tracking Software.

Project Management Templates

Free up time to work on other top priorities. The Apptivo Project Management and Time Tracking App allows an unlimited number of re-usable templates to quickly launch new projects with ease.

Time Tracking & Timesheets

Integrated time management makes it simple to record effort spent on projects. Use the built-in stopwatch, or generate timesheets to be approved by a manager/customer before billing.

Integrated Project Billing

Specify exactly how you want to invoice for a project, including a flat rate, phased-based payments or track hourly rates & effort. Generate & email an invoice in just a few clicks.

Limitless solutions

"This product literally does everything you need it do! I'm amazed at how many different options and tools available through this one app."
- Qasiym Glover
Task Management
  • Interactive gantt chart
  • Table/spreadsheet views
  • Task dependencies
Time Tracking
  • Keep a work log of tasks
  • Customer or manager approval
  • Record time for billable tasks
  • Managerial approval
Project Management
  • Unlimited projects
  • App customization
  • Convert to timesheet or invoice
  • Supports sub projects
  • Project news feed
Customize Apps
  • Create or remove fields
  • Share sections across apps
  • Secure sections of fields
  • Advanced searches
  • Create custom views
Project Billing Methods
  • Milestone
  • Flat rate
  • Time
  • Project to invoice
  • Project to timesheet
  • Opportunity to project

Works with Your Favorite Apps

works with your favorite apps

Which solution is right for you?

Just Projects

Looking for simple online project management? Look no further.

Add only the apps you need when you need them. Apps can be added from the app store at any time!

Projects & CRM

Apptivo integrates closely with it’s existing CRM solution. Easily convert a new opportunity into a project.

Projects & Invoicing

Generate a timeshet or invoice right from the project. No need to re-enter data since the apps are all integrated.