CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s an approach for dealing with interactions with new and existing customers. This is a frequently used business strategy to increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and improve overall performance. CRM is a powerful way to ensure you’re always ahead of the game and maintain important relationships.

Why is CRM important?

CRM is a intended to provide a platform for tracking interaction and building relationships with your customer base. When your customers feel nurtured, it enables your business to thrive. Here are just a few ways in which CRM helps strengthen your business and sales process. CRM is more than a suite of applications - it’s a business strategy.

  • CRM makes it simple to receive notifications on precise customer requirements via notifications.
  • By understanding and tracking customer needs, you’re never in the dark when you receive a phone call.
  • Tracking your sales process and follow-ups increases the profitability of your business.
  • Easily track customers who have been with you since the beginning, and brand new ones as well.
  • You’re provided with a centralized database of contacts, leads, customers, and opportunities to always stay organized and ahead of the game - categorizing each for even greater ways to search for a specific group of clients.

How can Apptivo assist you?

  • Manage your leads.
  • Assist you in providing appropriate methods to track important details on all of your records.
  • Easily convert existing leads into opportunities to flow through the sales stage and track potential revenue via sales pipelines and performance graphs.
  • Collect leads automatically by plugging in your existing email address.
  • Optimize your website with our API to allow seamless lead and case capture.
  • Import all data into the system with our streamlined CSV Import Wizard.
  • Customize your sales stages, probability of a closed deal, and keep your opportunities organized in a way to drive them through the pipeline.
  • Handle customer feedback and resolve issues with Cases - our help desk solution.

Apptivo streamlines your business process with our powerful CRM suite - allowing you to work smarter. When you have a powerful platform to capture all of the information needed to complete a sale and develop a relationship, it enables your business to thrive. Welcome to Apptivo CRM.

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"We've looked at many CRM solutions, and none were as fast and easy."
- Todd Schager

Which Solution is Right for You?


A simple online CRM system to store contacts, reminders, files, and communication history. If your business grows and you need more apps, feel free to add them from the App Store at anytime.


Manage your sales pipeline, stay on top of employee activities, and close more deals.

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Track your sales and easily convert them into invoices to get paid quickly!