How do I distribute a sales receipt?

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Sales receipts shows information relating to items purchased by the customers and date, time, quantity, amount of purchase, locations etc. Sales receipts are often necessary for store returns or exchanges.

Steps to distribute sales receipts

  1. Log in and access Sales Receipts App in your Universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “By status” and select “All” from the left navigation panel.
    all receipts
  3. Click on the check box of the Sales Receipt for which you want to print the PDF. On selecting one or more Sales Receipts, Bulk actions tab will be enabled.
  4. Click on Bulk Actions -> Print PDF.  
    bulk actions
  5.  Now the Sales receipt will be downloaded and appears in a PDF format.You can take print-outs of the Sales Receipts to be provided to your customers.
    sales receipt in PDF format

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