How Apptivo Stands Out From The Pack

The Distribution Management System of Apptivo is a one-stop powerhouse offering a safe, easily accessible, and readily available Supply Chain solution.

Effortlessly Manage Your Orders

Get your orders booked instantly by your distributors and customers anywhere, anytime. Organize your workflow with customized features offered by the system. Convert your Sales Orders to Invoices easily without any hassle.

Create a Comfortable Delivery Network

Make your Warehouse System completely automated and with a single click pick products from multiple locations. Beat the clock without any friction and be on the watch until the product reaches the customer’s doorsteps.

Secured and Simplified Payments

Equip Distributors to generate Invoices swiftly at the Point of Sale without any complications. Need options to receive deferred payments? Utilize Credit Notes to offer multiple Credit Plans at any point during the purchase and record the transactions in the Customer Ledger.

Engaging Inventory Management System

Apptivo’s Inventory Management System makes it easy to gather on-time statistics on the items and their quantities moved in and out of the Inventory. Get to accept or reject a stock transfer request. Keep your inventory updated when an item is added or removed from any warehouse.


Integrate with your favorite apps

Apptivo Integrates with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, Zipmark, UPS Shipping Carrier, USPS Shipping Carrier, Xero, QuickBooks, Apptivo CRM and many more. You can establish a connection with Apptivo and integrate users, make payments, ship items, and track effortlessly.