How do I Setup Custom Email Templates for my Invoices?

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The Invoices Email Templates are pre-organized message formats that you can send to your customers. You can design an invoice email template, to make your email look standardized and professional  rather than sending it as a plain text.

For instance: Consider an employee, who wants to send invoices to all his customers. Now, creating a template would be of primary help as the employee can just pick the layout, include the required messages and send invoices quickly, thus saving time.

Note: By default, we have provided three standard email templates in the Invoices App, which can be modified according to your business requirements.

default email templates

  • While sending an invoice to your customer, the "Default" template will be fetched automatically.
  • Once the payment is done by the customer, then by clicking on "Send Payment Notification”, the "Default Payment Notification" template will be fetched.
  • When an invoice is a past due one, and while re-sending it, the "Default Past Due Notification" template will be fetched.

So, you can make use of these default templates or create your own custom email template accordingly.

Steps to Create Email Templates

  1. Go to Invoices App.
  2. Click on “More (...)” icon -> “Settings” -> “Email” -> “Email Templates”.
    create email template
  3. Click on “Create” and specify:
    • Template - Name of the template.
    • Subject - Subject of the template.
    • Message - Message of the template.
    • Insert Attributes - This special feature, allows you to insert default attributes found in the invoices app. These are the attributes which are standard and also customized based on your requirements.
    • Available for Compose Email - Sliding the toggle ON, will make this template as the default one when composing emails.
    • Available for Notes - Sliding the toggle ON, will make this template available when creating notes.
      create email templates
  4. Click on “Create”.
  5. Once created, you can update the email template by clicking on “Edit” icon. Also, you can delete it using “Delete” icon, if needed.
    email template created

Select a template while sending an invoice

While sending invoices to your customers, you will see a “Template“ drop down menu just above the body of the email message. Select the created template, and it will be filled into the text field.

email template drop down

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