How to configure loyalty program in customers app?

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According to investopedia, a popular online business dictionary, Loyalty Program is offered by a company to customers who make frequent purchases of the former's products.  A loyalty program gives a customer the following perks.

  • Special sales coupons
  • Free Merchandise
  • Advanced access to the latest or upgraded products.
An email would be send to the loyal customers asking them to register their personal information with the company. In return, they would be given a unique identifier that could be either a
  1. Numerical ID 
  2. Membership Card
The customer can make use of this identifier at the time of making their payment for the products purchased.

Three Key Benefits Loyalty Program

  1. When a company reward their customers for brand loyalty, in return they get the detailed information about their customer. This is actually a treasure.
  2. At the same time, the loyalty program also give the business additional information such as the kind of products that their customers would like to purchase together.
  3. Also they would be able to analyze which of their coupons were more effective.
Apptivo Customers App allows the user to create loyalty program.

Configure Loyalty Program in Customers App
  1. Select the respective campaign then only customer can use rewards.
  2. Membership status by default will be Active. Once Deactivate the membership, generated certificates will get canceled and can’t do any redemption.
  3. Based on awards point’s number of certificate will generate.
  4. Create a customer or view any one existing customer.
  5. Select “Loyalty” tab in customer overview page.
  6. Click on “Change” button and it will open the select program pop-up.
  7. Campaigns will be displayed in the pop-up, which is created in Loyalty Management App.
    Loyalty Tab
  8. Select the program it will configured into the particular customer view page.

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