How do I view my follow ups in calendar View?

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My follow ups calendar is a special feature which will enhance your business. It’s provided for the Paid users of account. 

Steps to view in Calendar View

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on your account name.
    account name
  3. Click on "Preferences" from drop down.
  4. Click on "Collaboration" from left navigation panel.
  5. Click on "Follow ups"  icon for more options.
  6. You can view two view options "Calendar view" and "List view".
  7. Click on "Calendar View" drop down and enable its toggle button.
  8. You can select calendar view as day, week or month using drop down as shown in the image below. For instance: "Month"
  9. Similarly You can change the calendar view in days or weeks as per your requirement.

Note: You cannot hide both the calendar and list view simultaneously at least one should be enabled.

View Follow ups in Calendar View

You can view "Follow ups" dashboard in "Month" view as shown in the image below:

  • Click on “My Follow Ups” from left navigation panel.
  • You can view all your scheduled follow ups in calendar view. It always begins with the current date and month.
  • If you are a free user, a popup will emerge and you need to upgrade your plan to subscribe this feature.
    pop up
  • Click on "left/right arrow" buttons on the top to view the follow ups scheduled for other months as well.
  • Click on the specific scheduled follow-up in the calendar.
  • Click on a follow up event to view it.
  • You can view the scheduled follow up for a customer as shown in the image below:
    View Follow ups

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