How do I View "To Follow Up" Customers?

Updated on July 16, 2017 11:10PM by Admin

At times, some customers may ask you to get back to them after a couple of months. Or it could be a case where you have sold your services/products to the customers. You have to communicate with them to know whether they are happy as well as satisfied with the services provided and products they bought. This communication is known as Followup. When you make a followup, the customers feel happy to know that you are a responsible and committed enterprise.

As a sales personnel you can view the follow-ups that you have scheduled. 

Customers app allows you to view all your followups using "To followup" option. You can also view your "Employee followup" and "Team followup".

Steps to view customers Follow up

  1. Log in and access Customers App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2.  Click on "Lists" drop down and select “Show All” from the left navigation panel and select  “To Follow Up” from left navigation panel.
    customer follow up 
  3. You can view the following:
    • My Follow Ups
      You can view all your scheduled customers follow up in this dashboard.My followup Customer 
    • My Employees Follow Ups
      You can view all your employees scheduled customers follow up in this dashboard. Click on "All" field to search follow ups based on employees.
      My Employee Follow up
    • My Teams Follow up
      You can view all your teams scheduled follow up customers in this dashboard. Select any team to view follow up customers.My Team followup 

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