How do I edit a requirement?

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  • Log in and access Requirements App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on “Show All” from the left navigation panel.
  • You can view all requirements on the dashboard.
  • Click on the “More Details” icon near the requirement to make modifications.
Requirements App

  • You can view the “Requirement” page, in which you can modify:
    • Requirement #
    • Requirement Summary
    • Description
    • Status
    • Business Value
    • Assigned To
    • Item Project
    • Need by Date
    • Category
    • Associated With

  • Hover over a field that is to be edited. A pencil icon will appear.
  • By clicking on the "pencil" icon, you can modify the requirement as needed.
Edit Page

  • After editing, click on the "save" button. The changes will be updated on the requirements page.
Changes Saved

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