How do I generate report of my employee hours spent on work order tasks?

Updated on January 11, 2018 03:05AM by Admin

Reports play a vital role in any business environment. They give an overall picture of your business. The report data can be used to analyze and create business strategies.

You can view the time duration taken by the employees to complete the task assigned to them, by using "Tasks" option in the homepage. Lets go through the steps given below.

Steps to Generate Employee Hours Report

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. In home page, click on “Tasks” from left navigation panel.
  3. Click on “Advanced Search” icon from "Search" field.
    Advance Search Task
  4. Select “My Employees” from drop down. It will enable "Employees" drop down.
  5. Select an employee from "Employee" field.
  6. Select “Workorders” from “Search in” field.
  7. Click on "Search" icon, you can view the results as shown in the image below:
    Advance Search
  8. You can view “Estimated Duration” field as shown in the image below:
    Estimated Duration

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