What happens if I delete payment records in sales receipts?

Updated on June 1, 2020 08:00AM by Admin

If you delete payment details from sales receipts, you'll be prompted to change the status of the sales receipt.

Steps to Delete the Payment Record

  • Login and access the Sales Receipts app from the Universal Menu.
  • Select the Paid Receipts from the list and click on the More Details.
Sales Receipts

  • From the Overview page, click on the Payments Tab.
  • You can view the Payments relegated to this Receipt.
Payments Tab

  • Click on the Delete icon under the Actions.

  • By clicking on the Delete icon, you will get the Warning Popup For the Confirmation.
  • Click on the Yes.

  • Then, you will get another Popup to change the status of the Sales Receipts.
  • Draft - The Sales Receipts status will get changed to Draft.
  • Do not change - The payment status will not change.
  • Click on the Proceed.
Paid Sales receipts

  • The Payment record will get deleted.

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