How do I find the simple version of the employees app?

Updated on May 30, 2019 09:44PM by Admin

The simple version of the Employees App is specifically designed for our G Suite Contacts Sharing feature. This version of the app has a basic grid layout to display each user and allows easy administration of their access to the system.

This simple version is only accessible when accessing Apptivo directly from G Suite’s universal navigation.

To access this version, you’ll first need to have the Apptivo app installed & enabled from the G Suite marketplace. When enabled, you can select the “Apptivo” app from your universal navigation in Google as seen below. Before clicking this link, make sure you close any Apptivo web pages you might have open.

Access through more link

This navigation link will take you to the normal Apptivo homepage. From here, use the black navigation bar on top of the page to find the “Employees” App, located under the Human Resources category.

Employees App

What if I see a different page, with a news feed & recent employees?

If you see a page like the below screenshot, it means that you are viewing the full version. Check the last section “how to switch between versions”, and see if you can switch to the simple version with the message across the top of the page. If you don’t see this message, close all web browser tabs that might have open, then repeat the steps in the section above.

Home page

What tasks can I perform in the simple version?

From here you can import employees from Google, enable login access, enable Google Contacts Sync, and set basic security roles. Here is a quick description of each role available:

  • Super User -> Employee has complete access to add/delete contacts.
  • Add/Edit Contacts -> Employee has access to add/view contacts.(Read/Write only access).
  • View Contacts -> Employee has access to view contacts (Read Only access).

How to switch between versions?

You can also switch to the full version by clicking on "Full version" link. you will see this message "You are viewing the full version of the Employees App. Switch to the simple version for contact sync & role management". From here, click on "Simple version" to view manage employee pop up.

Simple version