What is parent customer?

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Consider this scenario.

You are into landscaping business. You have a customer xyz. He opens a new outlet and asks you to do the landscaping. The new outlet will become the sub-customer. And if he opens another outlet and gives you the business, that too  becomes your sub-customer. The sub-customers are the children of the customer XYZ. 

Here you would be creating a new customer and add the name of the person in charge of the outlets. Under additional information, you would be add the parent customer. In this case XYZ. You can generate separate invoices and reports for all the sub-customers.

Parent Customer

Parent customers are companies which tied up with number of businesses. In Customers App, you can have the hierarchy of parent companies of respective customer.  Link customers between each others, in a way that a customer will be related to another customer as a Parent/Child relationship. A tree view shows you the migration process.
Parent structure

For instance: In this above tree structure “Parker” is the parent customer of “Ehlers” and “Kris”.

How do I add parent customer to my customer record?

In Customers App, you can view "Parent Customer" field under the additional information section. You can associate existing customer record as referred.

Parent Customer

View page with parent customer association:
Parent customer