How do I Customize Tags in Notes Activity?

Updated on April 13, 2020 05:05AM by Admin

Notes Activity can be customized with multiple customization tools provided by Apptivo. To differentiate among different groups of Notes, you can make use of the Tags feature. You can create both In-Activity and Global tags for use.

Stacy is a Salesperson and she communicates with employees from different Teams in her organization. For easy identification of her Notes by other teams, she makes use of the tags feature. With this, other employees can easily identify her Notes in all Apps of Apptivo.

Steps to Customize Tags in Notes Tab

  • Log in and select the Notes tab from the left navigation panel of the Home page.

  • Click on the Settings (gear) icon from the Notes Header bar. You can view the "Tags" option at the left panel under General.

Select Create to create a new note. You can create two types of Tags in Notes Activity.

  • Collaboration Tags
  • Global Tags
Create Tags

Creating Collaboration Tags

  • On selecting Collaboration Tags, the tag will be available for use only within the Collaboration Activities.

  • Here, a tag ContactRequest is created.
Collaboration Tag Created

  • This tag will be available while creating Notes in the Notes Activity.
Add Collaboration Tag

  • It is also present across other activities in Apptivo.

Creating Global Tags

  • On selecting Global Tags, the tag will be available for use across all apps in Apptivo.
Global Tag

  • Here, Finance Tag is created.
Global Tag Created

  • This tag is present across all Apps of Apptivo. Consider adding this tag in Estimates App.
Create Global Tag

  • You can see the Global tag is present but the Collaboration tag is not present.

Customize Tags

  • You can edit and delete tags in the Notes Activity. Go to Settings → General → Tags in the Notes Activity.
  • Hover over the tag that has to be customized.
Customize Tags

  • On selecting Edit (pencil icon), the ‘Edit Tag’ popup will appear.
Edit Tag

  • Make changes to tag and select Update. The tag is updated.
Tag Updated

  • To delete a tag, select the delete icon. You will receive a confirmation notification.
Delete Tag Popup

  • On confirmation, the tag is deleted.
Tag Deleted