How to Create Sites for customers and what is the use of it?

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Site information is nothing but additional contact information of a customer. Site information can be created, updated and deleted as and when needed. This is an important feature in Apptivo Customers App. The reason is if a customer changes his address, user of the CRM should be able to update his new address.

Customers app allows you to create new Sites using an option called Create Site. Here you can update your Sites information which is used to track the Site information of Customers.

Steps to Create Sites Information

  1. Log in and access Customers App from your universal navigation menu bar.
    image result for customers
  2. Click on More(...) -> Settings from the App menu header bar.
    image result for customers
  3. Click on “Customers”  drop down and select “Scope” from the left navigation panel. 
  4. At the right panel, slide “Site Tracking” option’s “Toggle” button to “Green” Color, that enables "Sites" section on customer view page.
  5. Now, Select the Customer for whom you need to create new “Sites” information.
  6. Click on “Create” button from “Sites” table. You can view “Create Site” page as shown in image below:
    Create Site
  7. Enter the following information.
    1. Sites Information - Information about the Sites.
    2. Address Information - Address of the Site.
      Create Site page
  8. Click on “Create” button to complete.
  9. The created Site will be shown as:
    View the Site

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