How do I customize home from Business settings?

Updated on June 21, 2017 08:10pm by Admin

When accessing your account you can view homepage dashboard that organizes all of your activities.  However, if you want to customize the homepage settings as per your desire, that is possible in Apptivo CRM module Customers App.

This is possible by using Business Settings. Lets go through the steps.

To Customize Home using Business Settings

  1. Login to your account and click on your account name at top right corner.
    Business Name
  2. Select “Business Settings” from the drop down menu.
    Business Settings
  3. Click on “Customize Home” from left navigation panel.
    Customize home
  4. Here you can view “Menu Bar” and “Header color”.
  5. By enabling the “Enforce these settings for all users” option, the changes made here will be reflected on your employee’s home dashboard.
  6. In Menu Bar setting you can choose how to view and navigate between your business apps.
  7. Click on radio button and select the required view of the Apps.
  8. In Header color setting, you can choose the background color and text color of the header bar.
    Header Text Color
  9. The performed actions will be auto updated and you can view the changes in home dashboard.