How do I create a promotion for a product/item?

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Promotion is an activity concerned with the intention of increasing sales or market capability for a product/item by a company. It generally, targets the potential buyers and makes them to purchase it. Nowadays, promotions are done with the help of electronic medium in order to cover a larger market with optimum utilization of resources.

Steps to Create New Promotion

  1. Log in and access Promotions App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click “Create” button from the left navigation panel.
    create promotions
  3. You can view "Create Promotion" page , in which provide:
    • Promotion Information
    • Scope of Promotion
    • Promotion Type

      create promotion
  4. Click on “Create” button to complete.

Promotions Overview

Once you hit create, the promotions overview page gets loaded with the data provided at the time of creation. From here, you can can also update promotion information by choosing the edit button.

promotions overview

News feed

This tab displays the news feed, such as newly created promotions, or modified. You can also search and filter the feed.


You can create an appointment and this appointment schedule will be shown in this calendar. You can also search appointments in the calendar.


Tasks tab shows all tasks created with particular supplier invoices. Also you can create tasks by providing task description, start date etc. Associate the created tasks with any objects.


Emails can be composed and send to your customers. It shows lists of all emails sent out by you. Also you can associate these emails with any objects.


Notes are handy to add any suggestive comments or record any actions performed. This can be viewed by all your employees who have the access to this app.


Upload documents related to promotions and add Google document. This will improve communication with the team.

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