How do I Re-Launch a Campaign?

Updated on September 18, 2019 07:43AM by Admin

A campaign can be re-launched by clicking on the “Re-launch” button in the Targets tab.

  1. Select the preferred campaign to be re-launched.
    select a campaign
  2. Click on the “Re-launch” button present in the “Targets” tab.
    click on relaunch
  3. Now, the campaign can be re-launched in two ways:
    • All Targets - On re-launching, the campaign will be sent to the same target list as before.
      select all targets
    • Prioritize Targets - Here, the campaign can be re-launched to particular targets alone. That is by enabling the Toggle ON; the campaign can be sent to the newly added targets, targets not delivered and targets not opened.
      prioritize targets
  4. For instance: To Re-launch a campaign only to the newly added targets and to targets that are not delivered, enable the corresponding toggle ON.
    relaunch campaign

    Note: Refresh the target list before relaunching the campaign so that any changes done to the target list would provide the consolidated targets.

  5. Finally, click on the “Re-launch” button. The campaign is now successfully re-launched.
    campaign relaunched

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