How do I Customize Collaboration in the Properties App?

Updated on July 7, 2017 03:26AM by Admin

Properties App allows you to create multiple number of properties which belong all to your own things and you can Customize collaboration by “Show” or “Hide” attribute as per your requirements.

For Instance: Consider a Real Estate Manager wishes to hide “News Feed” tab in their properties overview page, then it can be hidden by following the upcoming steps.

In the below snapshot you can view the “News Feed” tab in the overview page.

overview page newsfeed

Steps to Customize Collaboration

  1. Go to "Properties App” from universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “More(...)” icon and Select “Settings”.
  3. Once the “Settings” button is clicked, then click on “General Tab” drop down and select “Collaboration” from the left navigation toolbar as the snapshot shows below:
    access collaboration
  4. By Default all the associated attributes will be “Toggle ON”. Now Hide the “News Feed” by sliding the “Toggle OFF". Now the Collaboration is updated.
    toggle off
  5. Click on Properties, Now the “News Feed” tab will not be visible as shown in the snapshot.
    hidden view

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