How do I Find the Difference between Two Date fields in Apptivo?

February 23, 2018 03:35pm by Mark Wood

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Answered on February 23, 2018 05:04pm by Ishwarya Venkatesh

Apptivo provides you with the Function Attribute, where you can create your own function needed for your business in all apps. We have added a new feature of finding the difference between two date fields when using the “Date Formula” attribute while creating a function.

For instance: Consider Opportunities App where you would like to know the allotted duration of opportunities. In that case, you can create date formula to find the difference between Close Date and Created On date.

Scroll down to know the steps to auto calculate the difference between two dates.

Steps to Find the Difference between Two date fields
  1. Login and access to the Opportunities App from the Universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “More -> Settings” from the App header bar.settings
  3. You will be redirected to the Settings page. Tap on “Customize App -> Master Layout” from the left navigation panel.master layout
  4. Master layout page will be opened. Drag the Function attribute and drop in the required place. Rename the field as per your wish.
  5. Select the type as “Date Formula” and click on “Create Function” button to create a new formula
  6. Select “Arithmetic” and insert the date fields to find the difference between them. Here, we inserted Close date - Created on. Click on “Create” button to complete.create function
  7. Finally, click on “Save” button in the Master layout to make changes.
  8. Now, move on to Opportunities home page and select “Create” from the left navigation panel.create opportunity
  9. “Create Opportunities” page will be opened. Provide with the details and create it.
  10. In the overview page, you will see the created date and close date. The difference will be seen in "Function" field.overview opportunity

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