How to eSign your Contracts?

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An electronic signature or eSignature refers to data that is recorded in electronic form and is used by a signatory to sign. It is intended to provide a secure and accurate identification method for the signatory to provide a seamless transaction. Apptivo is integrated with our partner for eSignature. We can get eSign from Customer/Contact based on the configuration.

  • Login using Apptivo credentials with a paid plan (Premium / Ultimate / Enterprise)
  • Click on your User Name from the Universal Navigation Bar and select Manage Your Account from the listed options

    User menu
  • Select Purchased Credits in Credits Tab from the Left Side Panel
  • Then, buy a Credit amount with a minimum of $10

    Purchased Credits
  • Once the payment is done, it will be shown in a table

Apptivo will debit $0.15 for each eSign document from

Charge for eSign

  • Go to the User Menu
  • Click on “Manage Your Account → Credits → Usage History”
  • Here, you can track the usage and balance for all the Purchased Credits

    Usage History
  • Go to User Menu
  • Click “Manage Your Account → Services → Financials → eSignature”

    Enable eSignature
  • Enable the eSignature toggle to allow eSign in the Contracts

    Enabled eSignature

eSignature in the Contracts App
  • Navigate to the Contracts App
  • Click on More Options(...) → Settings→Contract Integration→Print/Web Layouts
  • Open/Create a PDF Template
  • Drag & Drop the eSign attribute from the Palette tab

    Setup eSign in Contracts App

  • In the Configured PDF Template, click on the eSign attribute
  • The Inspector tab will be highlighted
  • Here, click the “Who” drop-down that will have options “Customer and Contact”
  • Then, select the value as Customer or Contact
  • This configuration goes with the respective PDF Template only

    Selecting whom to Send eSign

Note: Make sure to enable the Contract Template created. 
More Options(...) → Settings→ Customize App→ Master Layout → Hierarchical View → Contract Template

Enable Contract Template

  • Go to Contracts App and create a Contract with the configured PDF Template

    Create new contract
  • In the View page, “Send eSign” button will be enabled

    Sending eSign
  • Click the Send eSign button, It automatically pre-populate the Customer/Contact email address based on PDF Configuration in Send eSign Popup
  • You could manually enter the email address in the Send eSign Popup when the email address is not present in the Customer/Contact record

    Entering Email Address

Note: Send eSign button will be disabled when the Contract record is found without the configured PDF Template

Once you sent the eSign, Customer / Contact will receive the eSign request email

Email received by customer

  • Click the Review & Sign button in the received email
  • It will redirect to our Partners App →
  • In, you could see the Contract document
  • Click the Signature and it will show Create Signature Popup

    Customer Sign
  • Go to More Options(...)--> Settings→ Contracts → eSignature

    Selecting eSign History
  • You could set the eSignature History based on your selection
  • Then in the Contract, click on the eSign History tab near Overview
  • Here, you could see the details of the eSignature status

    eSign History