What is a Performance Dashboard and how can it be configured?

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Performance Dashboard helps you to analyze the achievements of your Sales Executives using a graphical representation, bringing in a major impact. The same is supported in the Opportunities App in Apptivo. You can view your performances, your team’s performances and the integrated overall performances which is purely based on the Sales Planning App.

There are a couple of performance meters that can be found in the Performance Dashboard. One tracks the sales projection whereas the other tracks the attainments about the Opportunities.


Quota amount means, the target amount for the respective sales which need to update in Sales Planning App.
Goal = Quota Amount


The Sales Projection is based on the Sales Stage in the Opportunities where each sales stages has a certain probability value depending on the potential of the Opportunity. You can set the period for which you need the Projection.
Projection ( % ) = Projection Amount / Quota * 100
Project Amount = Pipeline Amount + Forecast Amount + Attainment Amount

The Attainments is the representation of the achievement made as a whole team in a specific period.
Attainment ( % ) = Attainment Amount / Quota *100
Where Attainment Amount = Opportunities with Closed Won sales plan category stages

You can also view the Sales Projection of the opportunities and the Attainments against the Quota, based on the “Fiscal Year” from the below image.



Reports in Performance Dashboard

There are four major reports that can be generated in the Performance Dashboard where the parameters are from the Sales Planning App. For Instance: Let us consider the Carter Alan Team and track how Sales Planning affects the Performance chart.

  • Pipeline: Sales Pipeline is the business that each Sales Executive tries to attempt in a specific period. It demonstrates the work performed by Sales Executives. You can calculate the Pipeline percentage by the following formula.
    Pipeline ( % ) = Pipeline Amount / Quota * 100
    Where Pipeline Amount = Opportunities with pipeline sales plan category stages

  • Forecast: Forecasting an Opportunity helps you to predict the business in the future (most probably, an optimistic one) and it will always be based on the Sales Manager’s experience, knowledge, and judgment. The Forecast percentage is calculated by the below formula.
    Forecast ( % ) = Forecast Amount / Quota * 100
    Where Forecast Amount = Opportunities with forecast sales plan category stages

  • Attainment: Attainment denotes the goal which is achieved towards the work performed by the Sales Executives in the specified period. You can get the Attainment percentage from the below calculation.
    Attainment ( % ) = Attainment Amount / Quota *100
    Where Attainment Amount = Opportunities with Closed Won sales plan category stages

  • Cushion: Cushion is the percentage that defines if the goal is achieved and exceeded. These prices are analyzed and decided by the Sales Managers or Quality Technicians. You can calculate the Cushion percentage from the below formula.
    Cushion ( % ) = ((Forecast Amount + Attainment Amount) - Quota ) / Quota * 100
    When, Forecast Amount + Attainment Amount >= Quota

  • Gap: Gap is used to define if the goal is not yet achieved. This is an alternative to the Cushion.
    Gap ( % ) = (Quota - (Forecast Amount + Attainment Amount) ) / Quota * 100
    When Quota > Forecast Amount + Attainment Amount


Historical Wins & Losses

The historical wins and losses chart describes the list of Closed Won and Closed Lost Opportunities which were pipelined and forecasted by the Sales Managers It will give you the value of the Opportunities with the revenue attained every month. If the Opportunities belongs to Closed Won, it shows a positive growth Y-Axis as per the Opportunity amount. If the Opportunities belongs to Closed Lost, it shows a negative drop in the Y-Axis as per the Opportunity amount.

Historical Wins and Losses


My Performance

My performance helps to determine the sales activities and the respective performance which is attained by self. The Sales Manager would have assigned goals and targets that have to be achieved for the particular month, and you can check if the same is achieved or not. It will get highlighted in a graph and will show details in the tooltip. It will show the progress with the Sales Plan Quota.

My Performance


My Team’s Performance

My team’s performance helps to find the performance of the entire team, say for example, how much they’ve attained and missed from the allocated quota. You can check every individual’s status here and also can relate the same with one another. It helps the Sales Manager to check the performance of the employee’s who works under him individually and keep track of their performances. It will show the Opportunities details for each employee as per Pipeline, Forecast, Attainment both Won and Lost.

My Team's Performance


My Team’s Attainment

My team’s attainment signifies the attainment that every employee in the particular team attained. It helps the Sales Manager to analyze the reason for the Closed Won and the Closed Lost. Attainment over some time denotes if the Sales Team has set goals to achieve the allocated targets or not. With this, we can take a hold of the root cause of the lost ones.

My Teams Attainment


The dependency of Sales Planning in Performance Dashboard

Sales Planning plays an important role in projecting the Performance of Opportunities. The overall Quota for the fiscal month is planned and then allocated for the individual team members along with the Sales Manager to achieve the target or the Quota.


Once the Opportunity is created and moved to the Pipelining stage, you can find the probability of the Pipeline stage increasing, but won’t reflect in the Gap or the Cushion percent. Only when the Pipelined Opportunity is Qualified, the Amount gets calculated for the probability of achievement, which gets reflected in the Gap/Cushion.

Sales Manager SP

The performance depends on the Opportunities won and closed in the respective months. The strategy of improvement or deterioration can be analyzed with the Performance chart. You can use the Sales Planning App to allocate the Quotation amount among the team members that will allow you to keep track of the opportunities on all Sales stages until the Opportunity is won or lost.

Team Quota