How do I associate a Custom Ref App in 360 degree tab?

Updated on May 22, 2019 03:21am by Admin

The 360-degree view tab in Apptivo allows users to view different object that is related to the current item viewed. Now users can view the associated data of the standard ref app and custom ref app in a 360-degree tab. The 360 Degree Association toggle is supported in all Apptivo apps.

For instance: If you are looking at the 360-degree view of a project, you can see the associated Expense Reports.

Steps to Associate Custom Ref App

  • Access Expense Reports App from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click More(...) icon -> Settings -> Customize App -> Master Layout
  • Drag and drop a custom Ref App attribute from the palette. In the inspector tab, enable the 360 Degree association toggle. Select the Reference App as “Projects”. Then “Save” the changes.

  • Create a new Expense report and choose a project (Here, Senseinfosys) in Custom Ref app that you would like to associate. Then, click “Create & Submit” button.

  • Now in Projects App, select the project (Senseinfosys) that is associated. Move to the 360-degree tab. Select “Expense Reports” from the Associated App Dropdown.

  • The Expense Report associated with this project will be displayed as shown below.