How can I generate unique line numbers in Apptivo?

Updated on July 1, 2019 03:40AM by Admin

The line number must be auto-generated. This can be enhanced with the counter attribute and give an option available to add an attribute in the prefix section. Each line numbers are unique and will be automatically updated on deleting a line. The unique line numbers can be generated in the Purchase Orders and the Orders App.

For Instance: Let us consider the Purchase Orders App.

Steps to configure unique line numbers in Line level sections

  • Login to Apptivo and access the Purchase Orders App from the universal navigation bar.
  • Go to Settings in the app header bar.


  • Select the “Master Layout” from the “Customize App” drop-down.
  • Navigate to the Products/Items section. Drag & drop the “Counter” attribute in the Master layout.


  • Choose the counter attribute from the “Inspector tab,” fill in the “Counter” section values like the Prefix Type, Prefix, Starts With.


  • Save the changes.
  • You can find the Purchase Order number auto generated with the specified prefix.