How to generate Milestone Reports in the Projects App?

Updated on January 5, 2020 09:35PM by Admin

A project is completed only when it passes through different stages. These stages are referred to as Milestones. There are businesses that collect Payments on the completion of a Milestone. To make your work easier, Apptivo allows you to generate reports based on the Milestone Payments.

Step 1: Enable the Milestone Report

In order to generate the report from the Reports page, it is necessary to enable the Milestone Report feature.
  • Go to Settings in the Projects App → General → Reports. Here, enable the Milestone Report.
Milestone Report

  • You can select the Privileges dropdown to set the Privilege for the Report. You can set the following Privileges for the Milestone Report.

Note: The privileges for the Employees can be configured from the Employees App. Employees have access to the report based on the selected roles.

Step 2: Generate the Report

Once the configuration is complete, navigate to the Reports page. Here, go to General Reports → Milestone Reports.

Milestone Report
  • In the Milestone Report page, make the necessary changes.

Project: Select the search icon to see the list of Projects present in the Projects App. You can select the Project for which the Milestone Report has to be generated. Here, I have chosen the Brand Awareness Project.


Note: You can select more than one project in the Project: Search and Select page.

Milestone: In the Milestone search tab, you can select the Milestones for which the report has to be generated. You can select either a single milestone or more than one milestone.


Status: Status in the Milestone report refers to the status of the Milestones. You can select the statuses which are required for the report from the dropdown. Here, you can see Scheduled status is selected as a filter.


Start Date: Start date refers to the date when a particular task was started in the Milestone.

Start Date

End Date: It denotes the date when a particular task ended in the Milestone.

It is not mandatory to select all the fields in the Milestone Report. If a particular filter is not selected, then the filter will not be added to the particular attribute.

For Instance: The end date is not selected. Hence, reports will be filtered irrespective of what the end date is.

Filtering the Report
  • Once the attributes are selected, click View Report.
View Report

  • You can click on Export to download the report in .csv format.

By following the above steps, you can successfully generate a report on the payments based on Milestones.