How to request a change in Estimate while sending for ESign?

Updated on March 23, 2020 05:12AM by Admin

Estimates App in Apptivo lets you send your estimates for signature. Apptivo makes use of the eSign feature to achieve this. While sending a document, the sender might find it necessary to make certain changes in the Estimates. Here, the customers can make use of the Request Change feature.

For Instance: Consider sending an Estimate for eSign using the Estimates App in Apptivo.

  • Before sending a document for eSign, ensure that the eSign feature is enabled and the PDF Template has eSign configured to its layout.
  • On clicking Send eSign, you will be prompted to add the recipients.
Send Esign

  • Once the recipients are added, send the document for eSign. You will be notified that the document is sent for eSign.
  • Request for Signature will be sent to the recipients. Now, an email will be generated. Select Review and Sign.

  • On selecting Review and Sign, you will be redirected to the page for signature. Here, select Change Request to request any change in the document.
Change Request

  • On clicking Change Request, select the section in the document which requires changes. You can see the feature to enable Add Comment will appear in the right pane.

  • You can address the comment to a particular person by selecting @Name.

  • Add the necessary comment and select Comment. The comment is added to the document.
Comment Added

  • Simultaneously, an email will be sent to Carter Alan.
Email Sent

  • You can click on the document to redirect to its page. Here you can Resolve once the comment is addressed or click on the comment to Reply to it.