How to Bulk select all records?

Updated on February 24, 2020 12:43AM by Admin

You might have thousands of records stored in your apps and selecting all the records at a time can be a tricky process. So to make the selection process easy, Apptivo enables the Bulk action option to select all your records in all your pages at a time. If you wish to update any information or if you wish to add any details to all your existing records at a time, you can do it with the Bulk action button.

  • Login and access any app from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Here, the Customer app is selected.
  • More→CRM→Customers.


  • You can see the list of customers present in your records, Now click on the selection box that is present next to the Name column.

  • Once you give select all, you will be notified with the message saying “ All objects on this page selected. Select all 66 objects matching “.


  • You can now select the Select all 66 objects matching to select all the records from all the pages.

  • When you want to perform the Bulk Action, Click on the Bulk Action button, a drop-down box will be visible with the options like Update, Remove values, Email, Add to target List, Export and Delete.


  • In case if you want to update any information to all your records, you can simply click on the Update option.
  • Once you click on the Update option you will be shown with two subcategories of the update option. Like Customer information and Contact information.

  • If you select Customer information you will be again directed to four more categories like category, sales rep, tags status.


  • Here we are selecting the category option, once you click on the category option, you will find a dialogue box asking you to choose the categories from the available categories of your records.

  • Here we have selected Pastry & bakery, once selected you can see the category getting updated in all the selected records.