How to associate multiple contacts into a single Employee in Apptivo?

Updated on April 7, 2020 06:26AM by Admin

Proper management of Employee records is essential for the smooth functioning of an organization. Employees App in Apptivo allows you to associate contacts with the concerned Employees.

Thomson is the General Manager of Space Fabrications. The company has the policy to give incentives when a new contact is brought into their circle. He wants to keep track of the contacts introduced by his Employees. So, he makes use of the association table feature available in Apptivo to add the contacts associated with each employee.

Steps to associate multiple contacts

  • Go to Employees App in Apptivo. You can navigate to this App by selecting Human Resources from the App header.
App Header

  • In the Employees App, select the Employee with whom the contact is to be associated.
Show All Page

  • In the Employee Overview page, scroll down to Contacts. You can either add an existing contact or create a new contact. Here, you can see Add is selected.
Employee Overview

  • In the Add Contacts popup, select the Contacts that you want to add to the Employee and click Add.
Add Contact

  • The selected contacts are added to the list of contacts in the association table of the Employee.
Contact Added