How do I delete a Categories in Contacts App?

Updated on April 18, 2020 03:45AM by Admin

Contacts App from Apptivo helps you to manage all your business contacts in one place. In the contacts categories, you can categorize contacts as per their profession or any other category as per your business functions. Basically, it will work as the segmenting the contacts under some categories name. You can create, edit and delete the Contacts category as per your need.

Let's consider, Mr.Clay Jensen is the Contacts Manager in the Clay Bakers and he had created categories in the contacts as per the preferences based on their wishlist. Now, he wants to delete one of his created contact categories. Please follow the steps on how to delete the existing contact categories.

Steps to Delete

  • Login and access the Contacts App from the Universal Menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select the settings.
  • In the Settings Page, click on the Contacts and select the categories.
  • In the Categories, you can view all the created categories on the list.
  • Select the Categories on the list that needs to be deleted.
  • In the Actions, you can view the Delete icon.
  • Click on the Delete Icon.
  • You will get the Warning pop up to delete the Category.
  • Click on the Yes.
  • Now the category will get deleted from the list.
  • If in case, you are trying to delete the category that is associated with the contact, You will get the popup warning that says the category is associated with a contact.
Associated Category
  • Once the category that is associated with the contact is Deleted, the category will get removed from the Associated contacts also.