How to enable the duplicate option in the Leads App?

Updated on April 28, 2020 04:47AM by Admin

Managing the leads has become effective with the Leads App of Apptivo. Leads App allows you to create, manage, and customize your Leads’ data whenever needed. When the leads are similar, it is not advisable to add the same information again. With the duplicate feature, you can simply duplicate the lead without too many steps.

Stefan is an Employee of Act Super Market. They use Apptivo to manage their customer database. Stefan saw a pattern when the Lead’s information was added to the database. The targeted Leads are from the same business background, locality, and many more. To avoid repetitive addition of the same information and to save time, Stefan makes use of the duplicate option provided.

Steps to enable the duplicate option

  • Go to the Leads App of Apptivo. Navigate to the Settings → Security → Actions. The Actions page will load in the right pane.

  • The actions page has two sections that are Apps and Objects.
  • Move down to the Objects section. In this section, scroll down to Duplicate.

  • Enable the toggle to make the Duplicate feature available on the Overview page of the Leads App.
Toggle Enabled

  • You can also set the privileges on who can access the duplicate feature. Only those employees who have the selected privilege configured in the Employees App can utilize this feature.
Privilege Access

  • Go to the Overview page of a Lead. Select the Duplicate button from the top.
Leads Overview

  • The Create Leads page will load with the information present in the Overview Page. Make changes in the specific attributes whose value changes.
Create Lead

  • Select Create. A new lead is created as a duplicate of the original lead information with the modifications made.
Lead Duplicated