Why can’t I get my business logo in Print PDF?

Updated on May 8, 2020 08:02AM by Admin

You can have your business logo added to the PDF when you print a copy of your estimate or invoice. To ensure that the printed copy has your business logo, it is essential to check if the Business Logo field is enabled in the Settings page.

Consider performing the configuration in the Estimates App.

Configuring in the Print/Web Layouts

  • In the Estimates App, go to Settings → Customize App → Print/Web Layouts.

  • You can either create a new layout for Print PDF or modify the existing layout. Here, the default layout is modified.
  • Check if Business Logo is added to the layout.
Web Layout

  • If it is not added, go to the Palette tab in the right panel. Scroll down to Business Attributes → Business Information → Business Logo.
  • Drag and drop the Business Logo attribute to the column where you want the logo to be added.
Business Logo Added

  • Once added, click on it to view the Inspector tab. Here, make sure that the Visibility toggle is enabled and save the changes.
Visibility Toggle

  • If you want this template to be the default template while printing estimates, you can configure them accordingly in the Default dropdown.
Default Template

Printing an Estimate in Estimates App

  • Consider creating an estimate in the Estimates App or open an estimate that is to be printed.
  • In order for the printed estimate to have your business logo, select the appropriate template with the Business Logo. Here, Default.
Overview Page

  • Select Print PDF, the PDF copy will have the Business Logo.
Print PDF