How to view the number of Opportunities based on stages in the Kanban View?

Updated on June 22, 2020 02:47AM by Admin

  • Before viewing the number of opportunities in each stage, it is important to ensure that the Kanban View is enabled for a particular view.
  • Go to Settings → Customize View → Views.
Settings Page

  • In the View Builder page, scroll down to the Lists section. Here, enable the Kanban View toggle for the view that is to be monitored. Here, “Show All” page.
Kanban View

  • Once the changes are saved, go to the home page of the Opportunities App. Select Kanban → Show All from the left navigation panel.
Show All Page

  • All the Opportunities will be displayed based on different stages. On the header of each stage, the number of opportunities present will be shown.
  • If an Opportunity is moved from one stage to another, the count will get updated automatically in the concerned stages.
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