How to use the eSign service when I already have a account?

Updated on July 30, 2020 07:55AM by Admin

  • To enable the eSign service, select Manage Your Account from the User Menu.
User Menu

  • In the Manage Your Account page, select Services → eSignature from the left panel.
  • The eSignature page will come into view. The toggle is disabled by default. Enable the toggle.
Manage Your Account

  • Please note that your Apptivo login ID and login ID should be the same to establish an integration successfully.
  • When you enable the toggle, you will receive a popup asking for confirmation. On clicking Yes, your Apptivo account gets integrated with the account.
Popup Message

  • You can see all the information related to their service in the eSignature page.
  • The information includes the following:
    • Your Email ID
    • Business Name - Integrated Firm Name.
    • Current Plan with
    • Current Term with
    • Total Documents - Total documents available in the plan.
    • Used Documents - Number of documents used for eSignature service.
    • Available Documents - The remaining number of documents that can be used for eSign.
    • Requested By - Requester name.
    • Approved By - Approver Name.
Access Granted