How to use the eSign service when I do not have a account?

Updated on July 30, 2020 08:10AM by Admin

When you do not have an account with, it is recommended that you create an account with to make use of the eSign service.

  • To enable the eSign service, select Manage Your Account from the User Menu.
User Menu

  • In the Manage Your Account page, select Services → eSignature from the left panel.
  • The eSignature page will come into view. The toggle is disabled by default. Enable the toggle.
Manage Your Services

Popup Window

  • On clicking the Proceed button, you will be redirected to the’s sign up page.
  • Here, you can create an account. Please note that your Apptivo login ID and login ID should be the same to establish an integration successfully.
Sign Page

  • In the page, select Sign Up to create a new account. In the create account page, add the required information.
Sign Up Page

  • On clicking Sign Up, you will be prompted to add more information.
Add Information

  • Click Get Started to redirect to the Home Page. Here, select Settings → Billing from the left navigation panel.
Home Page

  • Since you have created a new account, you are in a starter plan. The account details will be displayed on the Billing page. You can stay in the trial plan and integrate it with Apptivo or upgrade your plan.
Billing Page

  • Select Upgrade From Trial button to redirect the payment page. Here, select a plan that goes along with your business.
Choose Plan

  • Add your billing address and card details. Select Pay Now to complete your purchase with securely.
Card Details

  • Once the account is created, you can try enabling the eSignature toggle again. Now, your account will be integrated with’s account.
Toggle Enabled

  • You can see all the information related to their service in the eSignature page.
  • The information includes the following:
    • Your Email ID
    • Business Name - Integrated Firm Name.
    • Current Plan with
    • Current Term with
    • Total Documents - Total documents available in the plan.
    • Used Documents - Number of documents used for eSignature service.
    • Available Documents - The remaining number of documents that can be used for eSign.
    • Requested By - Requester name.
    • Approved By - Approver Name.
Access Provided